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Trips: Germany

So...Meine Damen und Herren herzlich willkommen. This is how DB salutes the passengers when getting in the bus. What bus? The Prague-Nürnberg bus. Why? Because if you want to get to Stuttgart, you have to be prepared for a journey. Like the one in the Lord of the rings. A long, dangerous journey. Ok ok..not dangerous but definitely long. The drill: take the bus to either Nürnberg or Munich and from there the train. No direct routes except for a flight that would take out of your wallet around 250 euros. Hell NO! This particular bus was quite empty. A sick passenger that almost puked sat in the back laying down looking almost purple. Please don't fukking puke here, man! Then a miracle occurred. The bus arrived in time to the destination. And hei ho..no police. I take out my dutchie from the bra and put it in my bag. Lovely. Still time to make it to the train so I try half of the dutchie. I look around. A blonde curly lady with her bike speaks on the phone. Have to stay serious while listening to her meowing with a high pitch on the phone. Some turks scream at each others. No blood for today. I run before the police comes to separate them. The train is there already. That does not look very well. Somehow like an old wreck that they reconditioned and they hope it will stay in one piece. Second miracle of the day: no delays here either. DB has to mark this in the calendar. Weird people in the train: 1. me 2. a little back kid looking at me as if he never saw artists sitting in the same compartment as him. My player dedicates him the "Move them niggers north" song. NOTE: this is not racism or any form of denigration of race 3. a weirdo that at every stop had a pattern: stood up, drank cola, put the cola bottle in the bag, repacked the bag, sat down facing towards me (he was on my right hand side) and staring. Did not know if it was a staring contest but I lost. 4. drunk couple almost banging. Only for 3 stops, very drunk, very loud, did not finish it.

Arrived in Stuttgart after a 7 hours trip. First stop, the smokers square on the platform. Weird guy coming towards me, suddenly runs towards the train, gets in ..gets off on the next door. Salutes the locomotive. Checks the other train from the other line, opens the doors, confirms to the passengers that the train is ok. Takes my luggage and runs away. Yes, that's my weirdo. God! I love familiar faces.

Napoles Trash

On The Handsome Bird

So this corrupt trader Janet Lim Napoles surrendered to the Philippine President, commonly referred to as PNoy (President Noy Noy Aquino). Coming from a political family/business giants, one would really question why the coziness with Napoles. Could it be that Noynoy is one of Napoles' business partners in the Philippine politics? I would discount the fact that I know someone who interned in his office while he was still a senator and how his office seem to be more of a gameroom than a senator's room not to mention how he's been having his personal pot session in there. It pays to have a lot of friends who gossip about the rich and famous!

The Napoles kid who practically looks like Dolly Ann Carvajal reminded me of Tim Garcia. The one who was being charged plunder along with his entire family courtesy of his dad, the former AFP comptroller who declared owning just 2.7 something million Pesos prior the post but ended up with more than 10 billion. They were trying to transfer it to several accounts to purchase real estate in the USA via their ill-gotten smuggled wealth. This dude sports designer wear from head to toe to accessorize his ankle monitor as he is on house arrest and not permitted to be far from his home. Well not to accessorize the ankle bracelet... this dude is literally a fashion slave. Imagine, landing such a job under the umbrella of Marc Jacobs. I mean, a lot would kill for that job! But yeah, him being American citizen would make the case an extradition case.

Why does the Philippines, a country known for its not so good economy can afford losing such amounts of money?!! A lot have been living the Richie Rich lifestyle in other parts of the world to avoid prison. So many thieves and looters, why Philippines why?!! You are in debt but still manage to have Pinoys living like kings and queens!

So much for the graft and corruption!

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