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Sunday brunch at The Globe Bookstore&Cafe

Another weekend, another brunch.

This time we chose The Globe, a nice place that is expats friendly, nice atmosphere, nice people. We usually go there for the summer quizzes, but we will get there when we get there. As bookstore, don't expect many differences between the books they sell here or the books sold in other big libraries. But they have lecture time, when somebody reads from a book. Being Sunday, it was targeting the children, so they listened to a story in a beautiful British English, that made you get goose bumps.

For brunch we had a mostly american/english breakfast offer, so we chose from eggs, ham, ham and eggs, meat..light stuff I may say.

The food was good, service was fast, prices ok. We recommend the place for people that are not very picky, want simple but tasty food and a small bill at the end :). Nevertheless, as we are awesome girls, we had some complaints:

- food came before the drinks

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I ran out of time and didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but that's what next time is for!

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