Herald Hippo

the ideas of an expat in the Czech Republic


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Why..but nevertheless, why?

I am an expat. Or at least, you can call me a foreigner. Was not born in this country, I struggle with the language, but here I am..one year after I moved in, still surviving.

You might ask what country this is. Well ladies and gents, welcome to the life of an expat in the Czech Republic!

So, this will be my journal. The journal of an expat. Enjoy!

Why Does it Matter?

On The E-Files

Think about it.

No really, think about it. Endangered species are everywhere - teetering on a tightrope of existence ready to fall into extinction. A single species' disappearance can in fact make a huge difference on a global scale. For example: the food web. Every single living organism on this planet comes together to form one giant worldwide web, most commonly referred to as the food web. All the plant and animal species of the world are interconnected, so if one thing were to happen to a particular specie then it would affect the other species as well. Removing one piece of this food web - just one species - could lead to bigger, major problems which are not guaranteed to be fixable. In the words of the World Wildlife Fund, "When you remove one element from a fragile ecosystem, it has far reaching and long lasting effects on biodiversity. The loss of one species can upset and disturb the balance of its environment.

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