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They'll remember the genius


There's been a lot of really amazing tributes to Steve Jobs the past few days. This one by Eric Schmidt had a nice point -

What I remember thinking at the time is that you shouldn’t take a job unless you know how to win. I had no clue how to do what he did. When somebody tells you they’re going to do something and you say, “I don’t understand how you’re going to do that,” and they succeed? That is the ultimate humbling experience. My interactions with Steve were always like that. He was always ahead of me. When he started working on tablets, I said nobody really likes tablets. The tablets that existed were just not very good. Steve said: “No, we can build one.” One of the things about Steve is, he was always in the realm of possibility. There was a set of assumptions that Steve would make that were never crazy. They were just ahead of me.

We think of Steve Jobs now as the visionary he was. In 300 years, when people study this era, they'll all recognize his genius right away.

Most of them - our great-great-grandchilden, they won't realize how Jobs's vision was misunderstood, questions, derided, mocked for so long before he broke through. They'll remember the genius, they won't remember the struggle.

Customer Service tipping point

On Kicking Thoughts

I follow quite a few people's blogs on subjects varying from marketing and self improvement to business practices and, of course, martial arts.

I had a unique (for me, at least) experience today with Rob Hatch of www.ownermag.com, an online Magazine and site for business and self improvement. He is running a special on training. A whopping 50% off!

With that kind of discount, I decided to check pricing on a course to increase my expertise in writing. It turned out the price was out of my comfort range at this time, so I closed the page.

I received an email from Rob saying he noticed I had checked out one of the products on sale and he asked if he could answer any questions for me. I replied that the course was out of my price range until my business was turning more profit.

His reply is why I will continue to read his blogs and eventually purchase from him. Here it is:

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