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The '97 350cc Machine and the 710km Ride

On der Wille

The first task was just to name it, and then I realized why I didn't have to bother. La Poderosa, of course would have a nice, albeit plagiarized, ring to it. And being a non-Spanish speaker, I couldn't come up with a El Nino, El Pipita or El Apache although La Brujita would have been an apt name for all the trouble it would later give me. It came named as Machismo by the manufacturer, so I just ran with it - liberated from the furtive attempts I made in my head to escape any legal action which would follow once I became sufficiently famous.

This was one impulsive ride, to ride from the heart of the Indian Deccan Plateau to the coast city of Chennai. Found a wonderful friend to tag along, oblivious that temperatures in these parts hit 50 degree Celsius at the cool shady tree where the MET department measures them. On road temperatures, on a mechanical bike with separate Gear, Clutch and Engine assembly (No Unit Construction Engine i.e.) temperatures would comfortably be 55 degrees! Bereft of proper riding gear, we just put on jeans, Woodland shoes, "cool" tshirts and rode.

The route, we picked it to have everything. We could have done the boring : origin to nearest city with a connection to the golden quadrilateral (a network of highways in India connecting the four metros, Delhi Bombay Chennai and Calcutta). That would have entailed a 200km ride to the city in question and then a straight drop on the Golden Quad for about 550km on broad roads with no adventure. Sounded BORING. We instead chose a route which had a 6 lane expressway for 200km, single lane state highways for a further 200 and a hill section for another 200 before hitting the coastal plains for the home stretch. It was the best decision of the entire ride.

Going into details seldom does justice. Maybe I'll change my mind later. But they were the same personal feelings everyone has on these rides. A few epiphanies too. It's why most people I know saw Apocalypse Now alone. Later, a nod to another one who did, would suffice. So this is more an introduction to the machine than anything else.

And a few pictures. And I shed deadskin off my arms for three weeks afterwards (never ride in 50 degree plus heat). Never knew humans had reptilian properties.

Custom Leather shoes Part 1

On The Poor Mans Tailor

I'll work on this tomorrow, I have been reorganizing all of my supplies and household goods in preparation of a move in the near future. Sorry about the delays everyone.

If you would like to get to work on the project it is a good time to order what you will be needing to actually construct your shoes.

You will need a thonging Chisel

Get a leather punch

A Roll of Artificial Sinew

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