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Physical Fitness Friday

The Unforgiving Minute

There’s only one thing that parallels my affinity for alliteration, and that’s fitness. If your existence thus far has been on planet Earth then you know exercise, in almost any amount really, has a positive impact on both physical and mental health. This is why I’m not going to talk about the “7 Mental Benefits of Working Out” or “New Year’s Resolutions for Fitness”. Silly blogs and People Magazine have those topics on lock. Whether you’re looking to get swole, ripped, shredded, or yoked I think we can all agree that a well-rounded guy should strive for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Run 400 meters or for 60 seconds as fast as you can; whichever is faster. Do this at least once or twice a week. Why? Because it’s healthy to enter the pain cave…often. What’s so special about 400 meters or 60 seconds? First let’s look at 400 meters. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, if you run as hard as you can you’re going to hit a threshold of lactic acid, aka the sensation of your legs weighting 250 lbs a piece. Even Michael Johnson, who holds the World Record at 43.18 seconds, gets slammed with lactic acid around 320 meters. Basically, everyone is going to feel the same pain at some point in the run (fear bonding with your fellow man). Here’s a look at why 60 seconds is so special. Don’t worry too much about ATP or PC, just know they are forms of energy that the body creates to keep you going at 100% physical exertion. If you’ll notice, the body essentially runs out of energy ammo right at the one minute mark. At this point you switch exclusively to long duration energy systems.

To end, here’s a slick quote from the guy who wrote one of the manliest books ever written, The Jungle Book, you may have heard of it:

WHY!!! (final)

On Bullshitness!!

Guess what!! The “so many ways to love ya” which Usher talked about are really exist. All females like to be loved, but each one of them got her own meaning of the word LOVE.

·Some of them just like wasting time, fool YOU, and take advantage of you, and this is the most common kind.

·Some just wanna talk to boys because they think that’s vicious, lewd, and lascivious!!! This kind got the sluttiness in their blood!!!

·And some are searching for real love and a long lasting CONSERVATIVE relationship that is built on trust, that you feel that those couple are married and they really care for one another.

I really do like the third kinda girls, because they clearly know what the meaning of Crossing the lines is. They ask themselves regularly: DO I SEE MYSELF MARRYING THIS GUY? , but some males don’t like that; they don’t like girls who want something serious, as if his sister were a slut!! You should keep in mind that the girl you’re dating or hanging out with, and supposed to be your girlfriend is someone else’s sister, or at least got who cares for her more than you do.

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