Travel Guide of my favorite cities in Europe!


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One of the cleanest, most beautiful cities I have ever been to!! I had so much fun on the beach and walking around the water looking at all the boats! The food was incredible, and so was the sangria! The people I met were so friendly and willing to help me when I was a lost tourist! (Although I could never understand them because I don’t know Spanish!)

One tourist spot that is a MUST is going to Parc Guell. It is incredibly beautiful and the view is even better. You get to hike up a mountain that overlooks the entire city. All of the benches and sculptures are made out of mosaic and there’s live music everywhere you turn. Definitely a cool experience!

Another tourist spot that everyone needs to go to in Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia. It is a cathedral designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi and is still being built today. The inside is magnificent; I have never seen anything like it!

The main tourist street is called “La Ramblas” which is definitely a place that you will travel down. There are many shops, restaurants, and bars along the way down to the beach! It’s basically New York City’s “5th Avenue” but a lot smaller.

Onto food! I went to a restaurant named “La Fonda” on La Rambla and it was the one of the best meals I have ever had. It isn’t too expensive, I had the fixed menu of 20 euros but the Paella that I ate was incredible. I still dream about how delicious it was! It’s also a famous dish that you must try while in Spain!

Random Notes on Places I've Visited Recently

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I haven't been writing travel stories recently, but since I've been through so many different cities in the past month, I figure I should share a few little notes on each, just in case you're heading through one of them soon.


I just can't get into Beijing. It's not a bad city, but it's sprawling, smoggy, and a little bit faceless. This time I stayed in the hutongs (alleys), which was pretty interesting. Forbidden city is really neat, but the park right behind it is at least as interesting. Climb to the top for a great view. The only reasonably healthy restaurant we found was Saveurs de Coree, a Korean restaurant. Everything was pretty pricey, except for the bibimbap set meal that comes with little Korean appetizers, fried tofu with onions, bibimbap, and cinnamon tea. Not perfectly healthy, but the best I came across.


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