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All the thoughts....

Every now and then I write and it comes out sloppy, it’s a little disconnected and there many be absolutely no conclusion. Today is that kind of day.

There is nothing wrong. I am not completely overwhelmed or feel the weight of my own world on my shoulders BUT my thoughts are EVERYWHERE. Here are a few specific places….

1)I am struggling with a lot of social media and how to use it. I struggle mostly with the personal uses – like the likes and don’t likes (and no I’m not referring to the actual optional button click). When we comment on things that are happening in the world around us are we being aware of who is actually reading this stuff?? And not in the “hopefully future employers don’t see this” (which can still be a valid concern – but in the “gosh am I aware of how the things that I say affect other people?? “ Just wondering…

2)I struggle with stress – or better yet how to affectively manage it. I still find myself treating others badly because I am overwhelmed or feel “fed up” about something non connected. Unfortunately this is one of those things I find myself learning after already offending the innocent.


On Chris Scheidies

I went into my local Target the other day and at the check-out counter there was a nine year old kid and his mom. His mom was buying him Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

“ HELLO! Are you mentally slow? “

There is no reason a nine year old kid should even see that game played. Sounds like the same type of parents that took there (8-10 year old) kids to Saving Private Ryan just so they could see what war is like. I don’t understand. So to all you anti-video game parent’s groups, its not your kids we are worried about. It’s all these other dorks that don’t know how to READ!

The ESRB ratings are there for a good reason. I don’t see any other industry in the world so willing to keep kids from consuming their products that may be inappropriate. The public defiantly doesn’t see the tobacco industry or the movie industry so willing to be this involved.

The ESRB was invented by the gaming industry! It’s good for both developers and parents. Developers don’t have to tone down content for fear that it will fall in to the wrong hands, and parents can know exactly why a game gets the rating it does. So if you see a game that says, “ RATED M, EXTREME VIOLENCE AND NUDITY” , do not let your young kids play it. It is simply the parents fault if they permit this!

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