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Why Learning a Language Is The Best Thing I've Done For Myself

Or I should really say trying.

My fourth year of school (after a transfer) I was faced with having to take the Gen Ed train all over again. No fun. One of those requirements was to take a foreign language for 2 semesters. TWO SEMESTERS. It seemed like a waste of time, I knew I didn't want to learn another language because....I would never use it! I had no desire to leave the USA anytime soon and even more than that remembered the difficulty I had in high school learning beginner Spanish. Here's the sad part - about 80% of my family is bilingual. And somehow in the midst of that....I'm not.

Fast forward almost a year and a half later and diving head first into a foreign language was the greatest thing I have done for myself. My required language was French and after initial adjusting to, well, not understanding anything I began to find and see uses of the French language outside of the lecture. I am an avid new music listener and found myself listening to French pop music as well as classics. As a classical music student I had been familiar with classical French composers and their sound but their pop music was something fresh for me. Something so unique and new.

Now to tell the truth I was not in the least good at it for the first semester. In fact, I almost failed. If not for the fact that the instructor had a lot of respect for artists I may not have made it to semester two. But from the time I began to the time I finished the second semester with one of the highest grades on my transcript I knew it was something that I could definitely hang on to. Since then I have practiced reading, talking, listening, grammar about 3 to 4 times a week. I kinda love it. I find myself thinking in French phrases every now and then.

Learning a language not only helped me achieve something I had previously not thought possible before. It actually helped me realize the vast world out there outside of myself. My reasons for not being bilingualbefore we shallow. I didn't want to invest the time because I thought I would never use it. I began to realize that using a new language has less to do with the exterior positives and more with theinterior. I have opened up the possibility for experiences that before weren't by learning something new. Who day I just may end up an artist in Paris. And the fact that that's even a slight possibility, makes life a whole lot cooler to live.

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