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day 11 | matthew 25-26

A covenant is a contract or agreement between two parties. According to tradition, a covenant is made between two people when blood is spilt and a life is sacrificed. The person that makes the sacrifice is essentially saying to the other, "If I don't hold up my end of the contract, may what's done to this sacrifice be done to me also."

Jesus talks about the blood of the covenant during the Passover meal with his disciples. The covenant is for forgiveness. We're used to thinking about God sacrificing Jesus for us, God doing this thing to Jesus for us, God willing Jesus to die for us. The thing is, Jesus tells the disciples they have to drink from the cup. That means the disciples have to be the ones to make the sacrifice, not God.

Yes, God sent Jesus, but people killed him.

So, when the disciples drink of the cup that represents the blood of the covenant, they are essentially saying to God, "If I don't hold up my end of the contract, may what's done to this sacrifice be done to me also." In this case, their end of the contract is allowing their beloved teacher to be killed.

Then, Jesus is praying in Gethsemane and he says this funny thing:

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On Tynan

Live and direct, here are some updates on my latest drastic changes, as well as my encounter with a deadly rattlesnake. I'm talking specifically about taking a break from polyphasic sleep and giving up the computer, of course.

It's now been a little bit over 48 hours since giving up the computer and taking a break from polyphasic. Both transitions went far better than I expected.

First, giving up the computer was a great idea. In that first 24 hours I got more important stuff done around the house than I had in the past month. I cleaned up where I had a minor flood, began cleaning the kitchen, and moved the last of my stuff out of my office. I also spent time with several of my friends, which made it much easier.

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