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The Blind Egocentric Mind

On The Geek Speak

Let’s get this straight – a big ego is a horrible color on anybody.

I’ve always been a modest type of person that looked after others. But, I’ve known many self-centered people that couldn’t fit their heads through the doors.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to put yourself high on the list.

In my opinion, people that have big egos are blind.

Mission #7: Self-Acceptance Exercise

On LL Change Labs

I have to copy in the full exercise from Leo, which we were asked to practice for 1-2 minutes:

1. Find something about yourself that you’re unhappy with: maybe your body, maybe your failures with habits, maybe procrastination, maybe jealousy, maybe timidness or selfishness or laziness.2. See the ideal that you’re holding yourself up against. If you don’t like your timidness, your ideal is probably social confidence and courage.3. See that you’re trying to control yourself with this ideal. This is natural: by having the ideal, we think we can create who we are. We want to have control over ourselves as people. The alternative, which is aimless chaos, is scary.4. For just a minute, let go of that control. Don’t try to be that ideal. Let it go, and just sit there with the reality of who you are. You’re timid (or lazy, or you’ve failed, or you are overweight or skinny or whatever). This is who you are, right now.5. See the good in what you actually are. If you’re timid, don’t judge this against anything else … just see the good in it. Find a way to be grateful for this condition. It’s not all of who you are, but an aspect of you at this moment, and there’s something to be grateful for here. You can be grateful for being alive (being timid is better than being dead), for being loved, for being a good person, for learning what you’ve learned.

OK, I'm going to try this out. This is not very related to my habit changes, but the biggest thing that comes to mind when it says to find something I'm unhappy with about myself is my temper. I have a tendency to yell at my family members and have a short fuse, and I don't like it.

1. Find something you're unhappy with: my anger

2. See the ideal you're holding yourself up against: someone who doesn't yell at their kids or spouse; someone who's even-keeled and all "zen"

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