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Featured on DIYGamer

DIYGamer just featured Kung Fu Kingdom as an "8BitFunding Pick".

"Kung Fu Kingdom is an RTS. However, unlike most RTS’s that require some serious micro to play well, KFK lets you draw up what needs doing, and all your minions do the nitty-gritty work. This is why I liked Darwinia so much, so it’s cool to see someone else putting a completely different spin on the concept of a Macro-Management RTS..."

8BitFunding is a recently launched funding website in the vein of Kickstarter and IndieGogo, but targeted towards video games and video gamers. Kung Fu Kingdom was lucky enough to be one of the launch products, and apparently Geoff at DIYGamer sees potential in our product! Awesome.

While you have a few spare moments (Read: NOW) head on over to 8BitFunding and drop us some change, pre-order the game, or get some other great prizes from donating.

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