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Google Analytics

With a background in business development and marketing, one of the main areas I want to find out more about (read:become an expert in overnight...erm) is Google Analytics. One thing I've gratefully had instilled in me through my current job, is that a traditional campaign needs measurable, quantifiable targets and KPIs, in order to work out whether it is feasible, worthwhile and discover how it will hopefully become profitable. I want to know exactly how this translates to digital channels. I have zero academic/theoretical training in marketing (perhaps GCSE business studies counts) but having worked in the industry this is an area that is really important to me.

I know it's covered on the course a bit further down the line but has anybody else had a look at this academy from Google or work with analytics already? Is it super-hard and only meant for Einstein descendants, or is it reasonably straightforward to get to grips with? I'm only a quarter of the way through the academy so far, any advice welcome.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

Lately, I've developed a habit of secretive Asian book hunting.  This basically involves walking into a book store with my stylish but largely non-descript attire.  In my casual, serpentine sort of way, I would quietly meander by all of the discount-book racks and with my slanted Asian eyes framed within my ultra-adorable glasses, ravenously scour the displays and shelves for cool stuff to read at very reasonable prices (less than $5, but no more than $10).  I've found quite a few lovelies this way.

First off, there this: 

For a whopping $2.99 from Barnes and Noble, I purchased a book full of easy-to-understand instruction on various knitting projects for beginners and advanced knitters alike.  Yay!  I followed a pattern for a book mark and made this:

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