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First Session

President Uchtdorf:

How can we know we are on the right spiritual path? Ask:

1) Is this working for me?

2) Am I heading in the right direction?

Are we making our discipleship too complex? The basics of the Gospel can be understood by a child. We should focus on the basics. If we do, the Gospel will work better for us.

"you have said so."

On grow

Have you read all four gospel accounts of Jesus' trial? Each one is slightly different from another, but there are a few words that find a place in every account.

"You have said so."

Depending on which gospel you read, Jesus either says this to a priest, to a Jewish council, or to Pontius Pilate. But his reason for saying it is always the same: he's being accused of a crime. Witnesses were brought in to give an account of things he had done or said. Their testimonies don't always line up, but their intention is the same...to make Jesus look like he did something wrong. It didn't matter what he'd done right. During his trial, it's his guilt that's being proven...not his innocence.

And sometimes, all there is for Jesus to say in response is, "You have said so."

Do you ever feel like that?

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