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I love getting better. I love learning. I love the journey towards some level of proficiency with any skill. I'm thinking, that you, my dear reader, can't be that much different?

I have on my Bucketlist to master an impressive body feat, swim to Sweden and be able to do 100 push ups. In the body feat department, I'm thinking something along the lines of handstand pushups, one armed pushups, onearm pull ups or maybe backflips, you get the picture, something that will strike awe in most and be really cool to learn doing.

One of my passions for a very long time, has been working out physically. When I was a kid, I was a competitive swimmer, I had a great time doing all the fun and physical work in the army and I have been doing physical training in one way or another more or less my entire life.

The 9th of June 2014, I set out on a new journey in my training after, reading a book by Mark Lauren called "You are Your Own Gym". I'm not a calisthenics fanatic, nor a dedicated crossfitter, strenght-lifter, body builder or anything like that. I just like to work out and feel strong and healthy. Also, I like the thought of having a functional and healthy body as I grow older. I am now on my restday after two days of the beginners program, lasting ten weeks in total. My muscles are sore in a way I know to be good and almost can't wait to kill the work out when I awake in Cancun tomorrow morning.

Willingness to Suffer


A question I think on a lot -

What's it take to do interesting and important things in the world?

That's one of the things regularly explored here - creativity, ambition, self-discipline, paying attention to numbers and getting probability on your side, relating with people, thinking clearly, establishing good habits, etc, etc.

Add this one to the list -

A willingness to suffer for what you want.

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