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Eating the Worlds Hottest Chili Item #62 crossed off, Item #63 added

I have always been a huge fan of chilli. When I grew up, my mother was always cooking spicy food, from an early age I got the chilli enthusiasts version of “runners high” from eating hotter and hotter things. It developed into bets about eating, first spoonfulls and later entire pots of chilisauce.

I have always been mourning the fact that good and strong chilli is very hard to come by in Denmark. We have one chili shop in Copenhagen and it is incredibly expensive, so I spent most of my time in there drooling over the description of smokey tasting chipotles and scorching hot habaneros. As the poor student I was, I had to put my love for insane chili on the back of the stove for a while. But then something utterly magical happened, I had a strike of divine inspiration and booked a trip to Vietnam with two of my best friends.

In vietnam the magic happened, they have scorching hot chili all over the place, what's more is that it's free and available in unheard of quantities. We did not stop building up tolerance until we realised that this salvia releasing great burning sensation, would soon be unavailable again, as we would leave for Denmark.

We came up with the idea of bringing home 4 kilograms of these little devils and see how long it would last us from the freezer. It lasted a fair while, but when I heard that there would be a chilieating competition at the MANDIG 2013 Fair, a Danish fair for manly macho shit, we had to jump aboard. We all entered this madmans competition, an endurance turnament with a last-man-standing model.

We get up to the table and sit down, each on a different side of the table. Luckily only some twohundred spectators had gathered to see us do something unbelievably stupid. First item coming is a bunch chili kethup, I laugh at it as I cannot even sense a light tickeling, my neighbour, a big redfaced tattooed guy is already starting to get little pearls of sweat on his forehead – this is gonna be a walkover, I arrogantly think to myself.

Favorite Things Friday - Grandma Jean

On Zen Wednesday

Today’s “Favorite Things Friday” is dedicated to Jean Nutter. my grandmother who passed away last night, just shy of her 99th birthday. She was a true pioneer woman from the outback of Australia, they just don’t make em’ like that anymore. My grandfather fought in the Pacific during WWII and ended up meeting my grandma overseas and bringing her back with him to the states as a war bride. And let me tell you… Grandma Jean was hardcore! Her motto was always “I can make that” and she damn well could. Furniture, crafts, clothes…whatever; she was seriously crafty and good with both a hammer and a needle. I would see a picture of something I wanted and grandma would look at the price, scoff, and say “we’re not buying that, I can make it”. The best part was the dresses she sewed me ended up looking just like the picture.

In honor of my grandma’s memory, here are the things I learned from her for which I will be forever grateful:

Having a Positive Outlook Can Positively Impact Your Health – Back in the 70’s, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and then a brain tumor. The doctors told her she had six months to live. She told them they were wrong. She wholeheartedly believed she could beat the cancer, and she held on to that optimism all throughout her treatments. She also tried several non-traditional treatment protocols including various vitamin therapies, a diet overhaul and meditation….she was not about to go gently into that goodnight. Fast forward almost 40 years and she managed to live long enough to see her grandchildren get married, she got to meet her great grandchildren, and she proved that there is power in fighting hard, believing in yourself and not giving up. (and to always get a second opinion).

Girls Should Be Able To Take Care of Themselves – Like I mentioned above, my grandma was the original do it yourselfer…and not just with sewing, this applied to anything around the house. She could also change a tire, build a dresser and probably lasso and shear a sheep. She was an amazing role model for self-reliance. I get a lot of my independent streak from her.

Staying Active is a Key to Vitality – My grandma taught me how to play tennis. This may not seem remarkable, except when you consider she had to be at least 70 years old at the time…and that woman could run the court man! She also walked every day, was an avid swimmer and was just generally always on the move which kept her spry and made her seem much younger than her years. I hope I am doing the same things when I am in my 70’s.

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