My Bucketlist - Getting Shit Done


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Annual Review 2016

- Making Green Tech Challenge 2016 a bigger success than 2015

Done. We 4 doubled revenue, just made our first two hires and are about to expand the concept to 4 new countries. It feels extremely tough and like a scary task to face. Especially the toughness of the project makes me want to follow through with it. I am not sure how to deal with my contemplations about cutting the ambitions short when we go through hard times.

Lesson: We have to understand our clients way better. Shut up and ask questions. Stop pressuming. (This goes for personal as well as professional life)

Why I Don't Want a Career

On Life 2.0

The more I think about it, the more I realise that I actually don’t want a career. I never have. My job does not define me.

No. What I’ve come to realise is that what I really want is a lifestyle. I want to be able to define all of what I do with my time, not just the five till nine bit and then the weekends.

The year before last (2011) I went through a pretty tough time. One of the results of that was I had a lot of time not working. Months to be exact.

And I had never been happier!

It wasn’t that I sat around and didn’t DO anything. In fact I ended up achieving a great deal. I changed jobs, moved hundreds of miles to a new part of the UK, got fitter than I had ever been for years, stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine for a while, reduced my waist size by a good few inches and ended up happier and more fulfilled than I had ever been.

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