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The Costa Rica Chronicles: Why move to Costa Rica?

When we became "location independent" and decided that we weren't going to stay local, we had the whole world to choose from for our first adventure. So for all the folks who have asked us, "why Costa Rica?" here are some of the factors that figured into the equation.

Cost of Living & Amenities

Buffalo, NY (where we're from) may not have a great reputation, but it's a very inexpensive place to live. Real estate is insanely cheap, there are excellent public schools to be had, traffic is minimal, food is great, there's quite a lot of theatre, arts, music, and technology if you know where to look. We were looking to lower our cost of living even from Buffalo standards, but also feel safe and have decent amenities like good schools (we're not quite ready to homeschool/unschool our 2 wee beasties), decent roads, and reliable Internet connection--which we both need for our work. Costa Rica has all that.

Where we're going to be 'landing' is Playa Coco, about 30 minutes from the newly updated Liberia airport. Jet Blue flies direct from JFK to Liberia, so the whole flight will take about the same as if we were to fly to California.

VIDEO: The Pacific-Atlantic Road Race

On Tynan

It's a few days before our car rental is up, and not many more before Todd leaves Panama. This calls for some sort of grand finale.

"How long does it take to drive from one ocean to another?"

We look it up and find out two key pieces of information. One: it's a pretty short distance, less than forty-five miles in a straight line. Two: there doesn't seem to be any posted record for swimming in both the Atlantic and Pacific in the shortest amount of time possible.

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