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Moving to Costa Rica: An abrupt adventure that began 3 years ago

We get two questions when we tell folks that we've sold our house and we're moving to Costa Rica...

"Why are you doing that?"


"Are you going to be on House Hunters International?"

Preparation vs. Readiness

On Tynan

I once visited some friends in San Francisco who had copied our idea of renting an extravagant house and splitting the cost between the pickup artists who lived there. We called ours Project Hollywood, they called theirs Project San Francisco.

We sat around their living room, bonding over stories of the perks and follies of communal living. Chores were a sore subject. Our house was always messy-- so messy that maids usually quit after cleaning up after us once. Their house was clean. How did they do it?

"Our goal is to keep our place at a nine out of ten in cleanliness."

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