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The Mystery of the Lonely Grape

Poor little lonely grape.

Where did you come from? Where are you going?

I stand in line at the grocery store and wonder...

You were once surrounded by those you loved. Those you grew up with. Those who knew you from sprout to seed. Those who watched you develop your own purple color. Those who encompassed you while sharing the vine. You looked to your left. A grape friend. You looked to your right. Another grape friend. You looked behind you. Kind of a jerky grape, kind of a sourpuss -- but you still got along.

The NBA match!

On The Zany Chicken

I am huge fan of Los Angeles Lakers, and my friends Harry and Roger too. Among top notch players in Lakers like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,Magic Johnson,Shaquille O'Nealand and Kobe Bryant. I always use to bet on Kobe Bryant. And my mates bet on rest of the players.

Whereas my wife supports Chicago Bulls and bets on his favorite Derrick Rose and he holds total of 6 MVP awards. We all watch matches of National Basketball Association together but when it’s of Lakers and Chicago Bulls the ambiance is very different and tensed as who will win the match.

As we renovated our home so the television was hanged on the wall and we all watch it rising our heads little bit, it was kind of uncomfortable to see and enjoy our favorite programs. And Roger keeps on saying that to buy a Television Entertainment Unit as he had at his place which makes watching and enjoying the television more easier and it also comes with space to put our Home theater system, DVD player and all that electronic stuff, and that unit also gives a nice look to the ambiance too.

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