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Essentially I plan to use this as a journaling of my road from salesperson to apprentice to tattooer, from South Florida Swampling to Windy City Wonder Witch. I am currently about a month away from leaving my job working retail, and am 20 finished sheets into my portfolio. I'm going to start off by updating my progress through my past work and doing a few critiques of what I've learned. My goal is to sharpen my focus on tattooing and to gain perspective from my own experience and opinions and hopefully those of others as well.

This photo is one of the first things I ever tried to draw that was tattooey, it's probably about 5 years old now. I can't say I'm particularly proud of it, but hey, you have to start somewhere. I pretty much just had a reference of a traditionally drawn gypsy girl and tried to copy it with colored pencils. Although this is one of my first tattoo style drawings, there wasn't many others in that time period. Shortly after this I moved across the state and with what seemed like endless job searching found work as a Henna Tattoo Artist and Face Painter at a theme park. Face paint and henna became my creative outlet and overtook my life, to find any work, let alone work doing art seemed like the end all be all and I lost sight of my dream.

Microtech Troodon Tactical Knife

On Tynan

I searched all over the internet until I found the brand. It was a Microtech Halo Knife. Microtech is a US based knife manufacturer with an obsession for quality. Just before plunking down around $300 for a Halo I came across another model: the Troodon.

The Troodon has a slightly smaller blade, but the real difference is in the mechanism. The Halo requires a button press to extend the blade, but to retract it one must use two hands to pull back part of the handle of the knife. It's hard to explain, but the important factor is that it can't be retracted with one hand. The Troodon uses a flick switch on the side of the knife. Pressing it forward causes the blade to extend straight out, but pulling it back causes it to snap back inside with a satisfying click noise. Here's a video:

Cool, huh? I ordered the black on black Troodon and couldn't possibly be happier with it. The fit and finish are all top notch and simply holding the knife gives the impression that it's perfectly built. It was harder than I expected to move the switch, but a bit of practice makes it easy. I haven't done much with it other than open packages, but boy does it open those packages with style.

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