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Daily 10 mins of unprocrastination

The most recent email from Leo was regarding unprocrastination. The now daily task is to make a list of short (a couple of mins to complete and 2-3 tasks) activities I've been putting off and then action them.

I read this while I was at work yesterday and I didn't have time to post my list then, but here's yesterdays:

1. Delete unnecessary emails (completed - down to 30 new from 110 new emails)

2. Adjust the thermostat of the office heater so that it reflects the Australian Conservation Foundation's recommendation for winter temp (between 19'C and 21'C - I have a thermostat on my desk with this marked on it and I kept meaning to do it)

3. Clean off the clutter from the kitchen table. I half completed that as my list for today is:

Viszontlátásra 2016

On Tynan

And just like that another year has passed! Every year of my life has been better than the last. I used to believe that this was a nearly universal experience, as every year you should become smarter, learn from your mistakes, build on your successes, deepen your relationships, etc. But I talked to some people who told me that their years are up and down. Very hard to comprehend, barring some major death or catastrophe.

Anyway, I like to write my annual wrap-up because it helps me get perspective on what I was able to do in a year, how I progressed, how I met or missed my goals, and it lets me set a little bit of direction for the next year.


I really fell in love with Budapest as I mentioned in my annual wrap-up post last year. In May I had the idea to buy a place there with friends (not so original, as I've already done things like this), and I went there in August. Within six weeks we had closed and moved into the new place!

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