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The Perpetual Motion Machine

One thing I have learned since finishing school and taking on this new venture: Self-motivation is key to survival.

I was told growing up that anything was possible, dream big & always take that leap. Everyone neglected to mention the fact that I would have to force myself to work hard. That I wouldn't have someone always asking me if I had finished my work, eaten anything, done everything I had to for the day. Essentially, that I would lose the personal assistant I referred to as "mom."

It's ridiculously easy to become bogged down in all of the little things that we have to juggle. The never ending stream of bills, the daily traffic...remembering that coffee is not a food. Sometimes it's hard to remember that occasionally standing still isn't so bad.

Every day I take some time to myself to motivate or decompress. Time so that I can realize that life is absolutely-fucking-amazing. That people are inherently good. To order my day and set a game plan.

In the AM:

Favorite Things Friday - Parents' Anniversary Edition

On Zen Wednesday

My parents are fast approaching their 45th wedding anniversary and when I asked them how they wanted to celebrate, they said “we’re going to Disneyland!” So today and tomorrow, the Ben and I will be gallivanting trough the magical kingdom with my kid-at-heart parents. In honor of this auspicious occasion, today’s FTF is dedicated to the things I am grateful for about Mom & Dad:

Unconditional Love – don’t get me wrong, things were not always perfect at the Nutter house; there were temper tantrums, shoes thrown as weapons, and once when my mom said “if you kids don’t stop arguing I’m going to pull this car over” she did just that….and drove away! Lol. But through all the craziness, I never once doubted my parents’ love for me. I never felt that their love was conditioned on my being or behaving a certain way, there were no strings attached. I knew in my heart that they loved me whether I was getting straight A’s, or coming home drunk and puking on the lawn (both of which I did). Because of their love I believed myself to be a worthy person. My parents showed me how to love myself, and it helped me develop self-compassion so I can learn from my mistakes and not judge myself too harshly. I will be forever grateful for this gift.

The Importance of Fun – My parents didn’t take themselves too seriously, and now neither do I. They encouraged us to play, to be silly, run through the sprinklers, laugh out loud until milk comes out your nose, and dance like nobody’s watching. My parents always made time for fun, no matter how busy they were, and those are some of my best memories. As a result, I try to incorporate some play and a little silliness into my daily life, and I’m a happier person because of it.

It’s OK to Get Hurt - While my parents covered the safety musts; wear a seatbelt, don’t play with weapons, keep away from fire…they also didn’t coddle me or stop me from taking risks. I danced, did gymnastics and baton twirling, which inevitably led to some bruises, sprains and the occasional broken bone. But in the face of injury or pain, my parents taught me to pick myself up, tend to the wound and keep on going. They didn’t freak out, or dwell on it, or worry excessively they next time I tried something…so I learned not to be afraid of trying new things, or giving it my all because I know pain is only temporary. I’m more resilient and better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs because of this.

Marriage Takes Work – (but it’s a good job to have). Over the course of 45 years , my parents have had their ups and downs, seen each other through deaths in the family, kid drama, mid-life crises, mental illness, and more….but through it all they were committed to do the ‘work’ it takes to figure out how stay together. Even if it meant giving each other space, getting counseling, seeking help, whatever. They loved each other enough to keep on trying. They showed me that if you put in the effort, a long (mostly) happy marriage can be done. And today after all this time, they still fully enjoy each other’s company and treat each other like spouses, and best friends.

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