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Everything is Meaningless Under the Sun

Growing up in the church I learned to "Love Jesus", but I never loved Jesus. I only loved the idea of everlasting life and he was the way to get it. Books like Ecclesiastes in the bible are the cause of such confusion. Jesus came to bring heaven to earth through love and grace, while Soloman(The writer of Ecclesiastes) sets his sights on heaven and dares to say that life on the Earth is utterly meaningless. This is an Old Testament Philosophy and must be treated as such. The minute we start confusing the context we start getting side tracked and loose sight of our true purpose. To love the Lord your God and Love your neighbor as yourself(What Jesus said were the two greatest commandments). 

Now we are trapped in thinking that heaven is what we aim for and the way to get their is by believing that Jesus died to take away the sins of the world which will allow us to get into heaven. And the only way for the magic to work is to "believe in it". It's a very logical way of thinking. It's input and output; yes or no. Their is no gray area because Americans are western and westerners believe in set rules and systematic paths. 

But Jesus never taught that. He never told you that the way to get to heaven was to believe in him dying for you, he said the way was to be like him. Love others unconditionally, love God, and show grace and mercy to the oppressed. Period. 

People asked jesus all the time how to get into heaven, and he always diverted their attention back to Love. When everyone of his followers wanted rules and guarantees, he was giving out strict orders to Love each other.

The modern church is incredibly concerned with being "saved" and "saving others" but jesus was only concerned with "love" and "loving others". So no more tracts, no more alter calls, and no more mind games. Just teaching Christ-like love through demonstration.

Love each other as you love yourself

On A Day In The Knowledge from Above

"...all who sin under the law will be judged by the law." -Romans 2:12

As I was out today, something came to me. In Romans, as mentioned above, it says that those who "adhere" (not my exact words but to make it understandable) to the law ("The Ten Commandments") will be judged by the law. This means that if you rely solely on following the law ("The Ten Commandments"), you are going to be judged by it. So what does that mean? Well, no one is perfect, only Jesus, so none of us can follow Then Ten Commandments to par. We will mess up at some point so if you are only focused on following the law, when it is time for God to judge, He will point out what you didn't follow, whereas through Jesus Christ, you are forgiven from ALL your sins, whether or not you were perfect with the law. This perfectly brings me up to my next point.

Jesus stated, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." -John 13:34. So we're supposed to love each other, whether we aren't at best with everyone. Then, I started thinking, if you've ever read The New Testament, you can read that everything it says in there is pointed so that we make our neighbors happy; not ourselves but them. If you've never read The New Testament, I encourage you to do so. Truly amazing.

P.S. what are The Ten Commandments, if not to love each other? I mean, every commandment there is put to not harm the other person.

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