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Meditation Update

It has been a good week for meditation! I successfully meditated for the past three nights as well as tonight for at least five minutes. I found that if I sit as soon as possible it is easier to stay longer, because the nights I meditated right before bed I did the bare minimum of time. I think my next challenge will be getting used to telling my family and girlfriend that I am going into my room to meditate for a while without feeling like they are waiting on me to eat or hang out.

The Family Pushup Challenge

On Unschoolery

By Leo Babauta

I love issuing challenges to my family.

This past weekend, I issued a Pushup Challenge. Basically, it's a 6-week challenge where we follow a program, doing 5 sets of pushups for 3 days a week.

We started with a pushup test on Sunday -- see how many pushups you can do in a row in one set. That's just for assessment.

Then, based on the assessment, we follow the plan on Is the goal to do 100 pushups? No, it doesn't matter how many you can do by the end of the challenge. Is the goal to beat our other family members? No, we're just trying to stick to the program to see what kind of progress we make. It's a lesson in habits and self-discipline.

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