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Well That was a Bust

First I am going to acknowledge that my previous challenge to do sitting meditation on a daily basis was grossly unsuccessful, with me meditating approximately once a week for the early weeks and once every two weeks after that. Perhaps going on a retreat or something would help to get lots of initial practice to keep the habit up. For the time being, I am going to focus on just having a few minutes of mindfulness in the morning.

On another note, I've been reading Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 and what I've found most striking about his writing is the detailed descriptions of everyday activities. In a way, it has a similar effect to deliberate mindfulness every time that I read it. The attention to mundane details continues after I put the book away and the everyday activities that I engage in take on a significant quality. I think that the structured and minimalistic lives of his characters (and of himself as judged by his non-fiction) are a fantastic role model for my life as I am about to graduate and become fully independent (in a material sense.) By eschewing the financial, mental and time obligations of keeping house and constantly making decisions on what to do, I become free to spend my free time doing things I love and pursuing peak experiences.

Stagnation Addict

On The Words of Focus Project

This laziness problem of's not universal.

My 'save energy for the lion' hypothesis is being proven wrong.

See, people like Mella, like Jernej, like Michael...they don't stagnate. They rest, the recover, they rejuvinate. But they don't waste energy when it's plentiful.

I think I am an addict. A stagnation addict.

Even though I don't deeply enjoy being lazy, I still do it. I feel compelled to be lazy. It's just so easily accessable (if I have internet, I have an open portal to endless stagnation).

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