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Meditation Update

It has been a good week for meditation! I successfully meditated for the past three nights as well as tonight for at least five minutes. I found that if I sit as soon as possible it is easier to stay longer, because the nights I meditated right before bed I did the bare minimum of time. I think my next challenge will be getting used to telling my family and girlfriend that I am going into my room to meditate for a while without feeling like they are waiting on me to eat or hang out.

This is why you don't meditate daily

On Omnipleasant

Above is the most boring YouTube you’ll ever discover. It’s an hour long recording of my daily meditation practice. Please don’t watch the whole thing. I’ll refer to parts of it in this article.

So you know about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and the most inspiring teachers are just a mouseclick away … but still you’re not meditating daily. Why is that?

All you really need is a minute to yourself and a simple technique. You don’t need an exotic method, incense, a guru, a perfectly peaceful place, or lots of time. You don’t have to spend an hour pondering “What am I?” while going through series of yoga postures. For now, you can just read “Meditation basics” below and get started right away.

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