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Pep Guardiola: Barcelona & Bayern Munich 'would have sacked' Man City boss

City have failed to win any silverware in Guardiola's debut season, and are not yet guaranteed a top-four Premier League finish with two games to play.

Guardiola's side lost in the Champions League last 16, FA Cup semi-finals and League Cup fourth round.

"In my situation at a big club, I'm sacked. I'm out," said the Spaniard.

"If it is Barcelona and Bayern, you don't win and you are out. Here I have a second chance and I will try to do it better next season."

City may have to win both of their final league games to secure third place ahead of Liverpool and Arsenal and clinch direct qualification into next season's Champions League.

Competitive Balance of Soccer Leagues

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Last year, I started following the English Premier League and supported Liverpool F.C. The English Premier League has been criticized numerous times because of having a very distinct separation between the top and bottom teams. Also, it tends to be a league filled with heaps of debt. I'm growing interest in the Bundesliga, which is filled with exciting play and seems to be more even (cost vs. revenue is more equal). Today I want to see which leagues are the most even, because in my opinion that makes a better league.

On the Wages of Wins site, they outline how to use the Noll-Scully system in order to calculate how even the leagues are. The steps to calculate it is outlined here.

In short, it calculates the idealized standard deviation of a league (i.e. what the spread should be if all teams were even. Note: this does not mean each team has the same amount of wins) and divides it by the actual standard deviation of the league.

The closer to 1, the more equivalent the league is.

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