Struggle Against Resistance


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Let's Get Started

This is my first post from Sett and I'm really excited. I think this has something for everybody. I'll use this as a trail and see how it goes. If I like it then I'll probably use this as my primary blogging platform. 

I was thinking there there to be ourname.sett.com but its sett.com/ourname for free users.  I'm sure I'll love this blogging platform. I will probably do a 365 day project through sett. 


Streams of Income vs. Just Getting Some Cash


Was having lunch today with a friend of mine who is a fantastically entrepreneurial, smart, skilled, massively hard-working, and has done some amazing things in his life.

But lately, his cash has dried up.

We talked about it, and it turns out he's doing something mentally that I did quite a lot in the past -- often to my detriment.

I was focused on doing "very high value activities" -- by some abstract standard of my own -- and often neglected to get what seemed like small amounts of cash.

My friend is doing the same thing. He's looking for "streams of income"; not "just getting some cash."

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