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This is my first post from Sett and I'm really excited. I think this has something for everybody. I'll use this as a trail and see how it goes. If I like it then I'll probably use this as my primary blogging platform. 

I was thinking there there to be ourname.sett.com but its sett.com/ourname for free users.  I'm sure I'll love this blogging platform. I will probably do a 365 day project through sett. 


10 Reasons Everyone Hates You (And What You Can Do About It)

On Cameron Chardukian

If you’ve been following my blog since the very beginning you may have read my post on Why I Love Everyone. In that post I said you’d live a happier existence if you did your best to understand and love everyone. I still stand by that.

Let’s be honest though, 99% of the world doesn’t live by that philosophy so if you’re an annoying brat you’re not going to get very far in life. If you’re constantly being a jerk, or leeching off other people nobody’s going to want to have anything to do with you.

I’ve got a few haters myself, but for the most part people consistently tell me I’m a really likable person. I used to be the annoying leech though so I’m going to share with you some reasons why people hate being around you, and what you can do to change.

You’re A Value Sucking Leech

Relationships are like phones. They go both ways. If you’re constantly hitting me up for favors, yet you magically disappear when I need one it’s no wonder we don’t get along. What kind of brothership is that?

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