Struggle Against Resistance


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Let's Get Started

This is my first post from Sett and I'm really excited. I think this has something for everybody. I'll use this as a trail and see how it goes. If I like it then I'll probably use this as my primary blogging platform. 

I was thinking there there to be ourname.sett.com but its sett.com/ourname for free users.  I'm sure I'll love this blogging platform. I will probably do a 365 day project through sett. 


Talking AND Doing

On New Blog

At first I was going to title this talking VS doing, but the whole point is that you need both.

I'm sure you've all heard "Don't talk the talk, walk the walk" or some variation of it, point being you need to follow through with your actions. "Actions speak louder than words" too.

And this is true for the most part. But you need both. You can't just rely on the doing, even moreso today than 50 years ago (of course I wasn't around 50 years ago so I could be mistaken).


In the vast majority of cases, a person should follow the traditional advice so they err on the side more doing, less talking. But, if you're smart or productive and have legit value to the world, often the doing isn't enough. In fact, the highly competent people could probably reverse the old sayings and turn out better.

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