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Improving the YA Genre

On EmZombie

The genre of Young Adult (or, as I refer to it, YA) has become one of the most popular book genres of the present. These stories, starring teenage protagonists and directed towards a teenage audience, have become quite big due to the appearance of several gems. The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer may be considered the first to inspire other writers to take up this popular genre.

But sometime there is too much of a good thing. For several years after Twilight sprouted up and was just beginning to die out, I was forced to look in other areas of bookstores in order to avoid the mediocre reproductions of YA that came to fulfill the need for this specific genre.

I thought most hope had been lost in that genre…until the arrival of the The Hunger Games Seriesby Suzanne Collins. With the publishing of her first book, Collins had breathed new life into the genre with her unique story about a girl trying to protect family and loved ones from a corrupt dystopian world.

While watching Catching Fire, the second movie made into film based on her book series, I began to think about the success of this book and film series and wondered about how it had emerged from the cess pool of YA novels that all seemed to be cloned from one another. For this article, that is just what I will be exploring as I try to figure out the formula for curing the YA genre.

Online Gaming Etiquette and The Ethics of Camping

On Chris Scheidies

I love X-Box Live. It may be the greatest invention of this century. It’s better than sliced bread with the option of butter or gravy. It is insane how many cool people are playing on Live. But for every great player, it seems there are two to three dorks.

What’s the deal guys?

Let me give you a few examples:

I was playing Rainbow Six Three. A teammate and I had a guy pinned in a room, and I decided to rush him, asking my partner to cover me. Then I rushed in and got my butt kicked. My opponent got me fair and square because I didn’t get my shot off in time. It was some nice shooting. But, as soon as I died I heard someone on my team (who is already DEAD) say to me:

“Man, you’re such a frickin loser. I can’t believe it. You suck so bad. Didn’t you see his gun go off?!”

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