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Not a Cancer Story

Movie: “The Fault in Our Stars” Genre: Young Adult (YA) and Romance

I have to establish a few facts before I go on writing an article on this movie. One, I unfortunately was unable to read the book so I will be unable to comment on how well the book transitioned into film (something that is often an important thing for me to do). Secondly, the first thing I said about this movie was “I don’t like cancer movies”.

The heavy medical talk and constant knowledge that your beloved characters will, most likely, die at the end is something that I am not a fan of to be completely honest. I’m not a fan of sappy happy endings, but sad ones are even worse. Movies such as these just turn me into a puddle of tears in the movie theatre.

However, The Fault in Our Stars, which was adapted from John Green’s best seller, surpassed my expectations. With all these YA novels being turned into movies, it would seem that Green’s book is just one drop in a sea. Yet, the unique plot and deepness of this story drew

me in in a more mature way, even if it did turn me into a puddle of tears at the end.

Threesome? Part 2

On Tynan

This is a continuation of the story found here. Immediately things were a bit awkward. "She knows what we're doing," I thought. Short glances were exchanged between us, sizing up the situation. Simone and I barely revealed hints of smug grins.

Simone suggested giving us manicures. I sat next to Ariel as she filed and polished our nails. We got a bit more comfortable and started joking around a little bit. Simone got up to get the topcoat and Ariel flopped down with her head on my arm.

"I'm so tired!"

It was 3pm. Could she possibly be hinting? I've learned that if there's room to interpret something a girl does as suggestive, it probably is. On one hand we'd only known each other for an hour and a half, but on the other hand she seemed to know what was going on and was onboard.

"I'll make you some tea."

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