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The baggage of geekdom

On cQuential

When I was at school a few years ago, being a geek wasn't something to be proud of. But thanks to Apple, Google, Facebook and co. technology has become sexy. Leaders of technology companies are invading the Forbes billionaires list and lead credibility to a career in the tech industry. With all those recent developments being a geek has almost come into fashion. But for me having the traits of a geek also has it's drawbacks.

Just a few weeks ago after listening to a podcast I decided it was time giving comic books another try. Getting back into comics revealed one of the flaws of being a geek. If something grabs your interest you dig as deep as you can. For me that meant I wanted to know every detail on every character that came up in the comics I read. You can transcribe this trait to every area that grabs a nerds interest and it's something you have to learn how to use in your professional and personal life.

A great piece on geekdom and what it means to be a geek by John Siracusa - http://hypercritical.co/2014/01/14/the-road-to-geekdom.

Technology as a Tool

On Another Place

I think it’s fair to say that I love technology. I’m a classic early adopter, wanting (and sometimes getting) the latest thing just because I can. I don’t think I’m a bandwagon jumper (although others will probably disagree), rather it’s the novelty of anything new that fascinates me and makes me want to play with it, own it. In this regard, the technology is the goal, the end product. There’s not necessarily a ‘point’ to owning the gadget - just owning it is the goal.

Well, that’s me personally. Professionally I see technology in a completely different light. Technology is not the goal, it’s merely a means to the end, whatever that end may be. Technology is helpful, a facilitator, a means of getting to the goal more efficiently or effectively. Technology is a tool. Of course technology can also be a hindrance, a time-waster; it’s about choosing the right technology (tool) for the job. In a nutshell, this is my job - picking the right tool for the job - the research, the prototyping, the cost benefit analysis, the side effects, the return on investment.

Although they appear at odds, I think my personal and professional demands on the technology that exists (or is yet to exist) complement each other. Both come from a desire to learn and experiment. And sometimes, the cutting edge technology that personally fascinates me is the right technology tool to reach a particular, professional end.

See also: "Why I love mobile tech", from my other blog.


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