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Three New Awesome Pieces of Gear

On Tynan

One of the major advantages of having almost no possessions is that I can spend time to make sure that each thing I own really is the best possible product. I spend hours researching alternatives for just about everything major that I own, hoping to find something good enough to warrant the hassle and expense of replacing an existing piece of gear.

I got pretty lucky this time-- I have three new pieces of gear; two replaced more than one item, and all three cost less than I sold the old ones for.

I've written about my Epson R-D1s rangefinder a few times, and it's responsible for all of the pictures on my Flickr. I thought that I'd never give it up, but there's finally a new camera that is tempting enough to wrestle it out of my hands.

Smart phone, smart move

On Mike Dariano

I ridded myself of my smart phone.  For two years I had an iPhone 3g and for two weeks a DroidX and then two days ago traded the later for a generic LG.  It’s not entirely impossible, but very likely I was the only person in the Verizon store trading down – here’s why.

My smart phone wasn’t really a smart decision.  I was reflecting on the major apps I used for both the Droid and iPhone; camera, evernote, email, text, phone, facebook, gps, maps, instapaper, ipod and runkeeper and thought the net positive for these apps wasn’t nearly that high.  I’ll very likely miss the camera, especially the HD video from the DroidX but I also have a really nice DSLR that maybe will get out of it’s bag more often without a cell phone camera crutch. My current phone has call and text functioning and my Google voice account can serve the void left by evernote while texting can update my however unexciting facebook and twitter updates.  I will likely miss the location based search feature as after trading in phones I was looking for the nearest sporting goods store but was unable.

What I won’t miss is the data plan cost. It was $30 monthly to have access to data 24/7 and I’m already planning on how to spend that money.  Roughly my downgrade has upgraded me to; 72 used books, 3 days of all inclusive skiing, gas for a year, three GPS units to accommodate for being lost, a 32” LCD TV or whatever medium repairs befall my car.  I feel rich.

I’ll also be left without the apologies about fat fingered misspellings from an email that “just couldn’t wait” or engaging in social media in an unsocial medium.  Psychologically we all define our recent behaviors as regret free and repeatable but I think this was a genuine good choice.  If I ‘pocket dial’ your number please know that is a fault of mine, one where no smart phone will likely be smart enough. 

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