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30 day nerd Challenge!!

On AwkwardAardvarks

Ok, Im absolutly terrible at these for two reasons: I cant pick favorites or least favorites, and I never remember to do one each day... Ill try my best... here are the questions...

Day 1 - Favorite super heroDay 2 - Favorite super villainDay 3 - Favorite sci-fi or fantasy TV showDay 4 - All time favorite sci-fi filmDay 5 - Most hated sci-fi filmDay 6 - All time favorite fantasy filmDay 7 - Most hated fantasy filmDay 8 - Favorite classic sci-fi or fantasy TV showDay 9 - Favorite classic sci-fi or fantasy filmDay 10 - Favorite animeDay 11 - An obscure movie, video game, or TV quoteDay 12 - Favorite geek-nerd memeDay 13 - Favorite comic book Day 14 - Favorite online comicDay 15 - Favorite nerd foodDay 16 - Favorite nerd beverageDay 17 - Favorite celebrity nerdDay 18 - Favorite nerd websiteDay 19 - Favorite podcastDay 20 - Favorite console video game Day 21 - Favorite PC video gameDay 22 - Favorite arcade gameDay 23 - Favorite table top gameDay 24 - Favorite thing about being a nerdDay 25 - Least favorite thing about being a nerdDay 26 - Describe your nerd shame (something all nerds should do, but you don't)Day 27 - The least nerdy thing about youDay 28 - Favorite piece of geeky techDay 29 - Post your computer specs or a picture of your computer set up.Day 30 - Post a picture of you doing something that epitomizes your nerdiness.

If any one wants to do it with me... or if they dont want to... they still can... XD I think ill start it tomorrow!!

Happy Anniversary Disneyland!!

On My Dreams Are My Wings

Happy Birthday Disneyland!!

Disneyland turns 61 today, and I know that theDiamondCelebration is almost over, but luckily we still have a couple of months to enjoy the Diamond Celebration and all of its magic.

Last year I waslucky enoughto visit Disnyeland twice, one time during summer, and the second time for the holidays. And I must say that the Diamond Celebration is one most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life and something that I’ll treasure in my heart forever.

There are so many things going on that you’ll feel overwhelmed with excitement. The castle looks prettier than ever, at least in my opinion, and everything is decorated in blue and diamonds (two of my favorite things … we’ll that’s gonna make me look posh, but even though I’ve never seen a real diamond, I love shining sparkling things :D … and blue is my favorite color … now let’s continue). The characters are dressed up in their best outfits and the atmosphere feels extra magical.

Now let’s talk about the night shows: Disneyland Forever, Paint the Night, and my favorite, World of Color Celebrate. First we’re going to start with Disneyland Forever, Disneyland Forever is the Fireworks show that takes place every night, unless the weather doesn’t allow it, along with the fireworks there’s also beautiful projections on iconic locations that tells different Disney stories with some of our favorite characters, the music is beautiful and it features two new original songs that you’ll fell in love with, you’ll be immersed in a world of dreams and magic. Moving on we have Paint the Night, even though technically it should go before Disneyland Forever ;), Paint the Night is like the Electrical Parade on steroids … ok that sound weird but it is really awesome and I dare to say that it is my favorite parade ever, the floats are so beautiful and the music is so fun that it’ll get stuck in your head, it is so full of lights, dance, colors, music, and some of your favorite characters including Peter Pan, Buzz, Woody, Ariel, and even Olaf, I can guarantee you’ll be amazed. Last but not definitely not least we have World of Color Celebrate, I must admit that I never watched the original World of Color which means I can’t say if this one is better or not, but I can say that it is absolutely amazing, every time that I saw it I cried like a little baby, it is so wonderful and the nostalgia fills your body, Neil Patrick Harris is the host and along with Mickey Mouse they take you on a journey of the many years of Disney including the parks, movies, and the beloved Walt …. Water fountains, fire, and special effects are part of this incredible and magical show made mainly on dreams and imagination.

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