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I've come up with something.

So, you know how the Soviet Union embraced an era of feelgood sensationalism after a long hard road of backstabbing wrath? Crypto is the same way, kinda.

Basically, I feel like people with cryptography are going to be in pretty high demand in the coming couple of years. It's not the kind of thing you plug into since it's a relative science. It has to be engaged and inspected before it can really happen. I've seen the SaaS bullshit that people are slobbering over, but CaaS is going to be different. It's going to be like hiring a lawyer or servant or something. They aren't transactional, they are going to become a part of your thing, and your life. Your relationship with your cryptography is going to be straightforward and blunt, your product is kaput without him.

So, there's three ways this can go.

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