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Final Fantasy VII: The Essence of my Childhood.

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When I think of the defining moments of my childhood, one of the biggest memories is the day that I first played Final Fantasy VII. I had just got a Playstation for my birthday and FFVII was one of the games that came bundled along with the console. From within the first fifteen minutes of game play I'd befriended a man with a gun for an arm, conjured lightning from the sky and blown up a Mako Reactor(whatever one of those was). Needless to say, like the majority of the other ten million people who bought the game worldwide, I was hooked.

For weeks I played methodically through the story, enjoying the drama and humour that had been so expertly weaved into the narrative. The FMV sequences blew my mind; never had I seen graphics such as these in a game, the battles were the perfect difficulty, employing just enough strategy to keep the game fun without being too difficult, heck, even the mini-games were enjoyable.

At the time it was the perfect game, and even by today's standards I feel few games truly live up to FF7. Eventually though, the game was beaten (multiple times), new games had come to take over my life and before I knew it, I was playing Final Fantasy X on my Playstation 2 whilst poor FFVII collected dust in a corner.

I have played the 1998 PC port a couple of times since, but it was so rife with bugs and errors that most people just didn't bother. But this can be said no more! Square Enixhas officially re-released the PC version of Final Fantasy VII! I have played it over the past couple of days and have experienced nostalgia overload as a result.

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