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On Tynan

Hanami means "flower viewing" in Japanese. It gets its own special word because the blooming of the cherry blossoms here is a huge deal. Meteorologists visit the trees every day trying to predict when they'll bloom, signs go up around the city that say Sakura (cherry blossom in japanese) on them, and restaurants even have special Sakura cookies for sale.

People get into it.

The cherry blossoms don't last long, though. After a week they fall to the ground, which means that there is one big weekend for cherry blossom viewing.

Cat-Dog Dragons and Other Beautiful Things

On EmZombie

Ever since I was little, dragons have been a fantastical part of my daydreams. Giant reptilian creatures gliding and battling in the air above me and, if I was extra creative that day, me riding upon their backs. When the first How To Train Your Dragon movie was announced, I found myself super excited by the trailers. I even read the first book to prepare for the movie, even though I was most likely fifteen at the time. Although the films do not really follow the plotline in Cressida Cowell’s books, the imaginative world of Berk brought in audiences with the tale of Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless.

Any sequel trying to follow up fantastic originals are often up to much criteria. Fans do not want to be disappointed and the film company most likely will have a lot of weight on their back. However, How To Train Your Dragon 2 lived up to its expectations as we follow our older heroes on a quest to bring down a dragon warlord.

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