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Two Voices in my Head

On Random Musings

Voice 1 tells me to go for the stars. Voice 2 tells me I'm not good enough.

Voice 1 speaks of unbreakable self-worth. Voice 2 is a fickle status whore.

I love communication

On Beyond the Subhuman

I'm just an average Joe, struggling in his way, but I have to say- there's little I prefer to working at what is required to be in the presence of others in effortlessness. I want to hear you as if your voice was a painting, unique, clear, generous. This doesn't mean I turn you into some sort of Infinitely Arrogant power declaimer; it means I can sit and let go in to your voice, hear your resonance as clear as a bell, right from the top timbre to the bottomness, the woody hull of intonement and meaning.

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