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8 Secret Of Success

On TED Thoughts

I chose this Ted thought because I though that it would be very relevant to many people out there.In this Ted thought, Richard St. John talks about 8 secrets of success. First, there is ‘passion’. Passion is very important to success as one should not think of just trying to earn a lot of money, but one should do it for love not for money and the thing is that by loving what one you do, the money will still come to you.

The next one would be ‘good’.To be successful, one got to put their nose down in something and get really good at it. If one is very lousy in something, one would not succeed as he or she would produce good results.The next one would practice.As the quote says ‘practice makes perfect’ and that is true.Without practice one would not succeed.

The next one is focus.Focus is extremely essential in life as without focus, there wouldn't be concentration in one’s mind.One got focus to one thing for full concentration.The next one would be ‘push’. One got to push themselves both physically and mentally to do better in life that is key to success too.One got to push away their shyness and their self-doubt.Its always not easy to push yourself so that is they created moms.

The next one is ‘serve’. I am very sure people out wants to be rich, to be millionaires but in order to become rich,one go to serve others something in value.To serve one has to do something for the society.The next one would be ‘ideas’. One got to have an idea to be successful, when one has an idea they will have a goal to make their idea come true.


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