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Art In The Park 2013. and my new purchases.

On Alfie

Pictured above: one of the art works I bought on a whim (and my girlfriend's prodding) it is from a famous Filipino children's book. the illustrator/artist was pained when she agreed to sell this gem.

Something exciting is happening in the Philippine Art world: it's becoming more accessible to the average person. A few years ago, most art events in Metro Manila were only accessible to those lucky enough to be the artist's friends or family. This sort of set up made most exhibit openings very personal affairs. However, there have been public events that have, slowly but surely, generated awareness of the art world in people who would not regularly indulge themselves in viewing and buying artwork.

A fantastic example of measuring this change is the Museum Foundation's annual event "Art In The Park". This is where I got started. The event is designed to bring in several artists from varied disciplines and galleries to exhibit their sculptures and paintings for one afternoon in a Makati City public park. I first attended this event in 2010, with my girlfriend. We trudged through the mud for several hours marveling at the miniature galleries that exhibited works inside tarpaulin tents. It was a hot and muggy day in March and if you're in the Philippines, this means alternate showers of warm rain and sunlight. That short trip in 2010 is what got me interested in Philippine art. I had been hovering on the edges since my junior year in university when I attended an exhibit opening for a class. I'd been invited to several of the private openings leading up to 2010 but I had never been to a public event.

Art In the Park 2010 was a quiet affair, mostly the same faces, friends and family of the artists going to show support and fawn over their latest creations. It seemed an extension of the private exhibit openings held on an almost weekly basis in and around the city.

Shades of light

On like an apple

A special carpe diem prompt today, Kikusha-Ni's The Dusk in Rain.

my body all alone in this autumn I feel - the dusk in rain

It is so tender and beautiful. Lonely but full. And I think she has named something here that I know but never named. In addition to the idea of being in rain at dusk, also this suggests the sense of "dusk" in the rain itself. And for me there is a feeling of safety, calmness, shielding that I feel when watching the rain. A literal shading and an emotional one too. Like being just a little bit drunk, perhaps. A softening of sensation and experience, giving a bit of distance from the world, so that one can imagine almost that one is outside of life and looking in.

Well anyway a tall order, isn't it? I will try my best.

on the wooden porch watching the autumn rain i feel the balm of dusk

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