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Multiple Lives

On Tynan

I just got into LAX last night. It's amazing how so much time can pass, but I still remember the nuances of the city. Take La Cienega down past the big plaster donut, over the traintracks, and into Hollywood.

I drove past the old Project Hollywood house. It looks just as it ever did, except now there's a family's SUV in the driveway. I wonder if they know who used to live there.

Within minutes I'm transported back three years. I feel as though nothing's changed. I'm home. Driving down sunset takes me past all of the familiar landmarks - places I used to eat at and visit every day. I make it to Style's house without a GPS.

Best lines: Marketing action figures

On Mike Dariano

From a hyperbolic filled though reflective piece on Hollywood

Hollywood has become an institution that is more interested in launching the next rubberized action figure than in making the next interesting movie.

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