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Day 1: Plan of action and resources

On Learn Japanese With james0vince

No challenge is worth doing without first laying out a road map on how you'll get there. It also helps if this is done at the start. However I have noticed that I learn best when I am flexible. Rigged conformity has never been my thing. So as long as I keep to this without deviating too much from the original plan, things should go well. I will also be giving you guys an update on my progress at least once a week, yet hopefully every day mostly on how well I feel I am retaining the symbols, but also on cool learning resources, tips and advice and really cool Japanese cultural items to keep us interested. So without further distraction this is my plan and some of the resources I plan to use.

The goal: To learn understand and to commit to permanent memory the following:

And this:


On csabracadabra

Reading again the article about Fear,

realising that 'fear of missing out something important', (-> having some time off, doing what I feel like at any one time, doing the "fun" stuff), is definitely at stake in my procrastination issues.

see how that fear is hurting me: I don't progress as I want in my study/business/household

see how the hurt is self-caused: indeed, but I still don't want to let go (I feel like a 2-year-old here :-) )

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