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On Where Pianos Roam

I have some good things to report .  .  . First of all, my Mom is being released from the hospital today after undergoing some fairly heavy-duty surgery yesterday.  She'll be resting up all this week towards a full recovery.  Yay!! Secondly, there is now a brand new Oreo and Buttercup episode now available for viewing in the Oreo Gallery.   Just go HERE. This episode is the long-overdue sequel to Oreo's Big Date with Optimus Prime.  This time Buttercup, the oh-so-rowdy bench, gets a little action!! In a few days,  I unleash a brand new issue of The WWoG.  This is my very colorful monthly e-mail newsletter .  .  .  . The October 2009 issue will be full of some fun images and all kinds of goodies.  This will kick off a very heavy promotional campaign for my last two shows of the year which are a live radio broadcast for all the world to hear on Nov. 13 and a special Thanksgiving show at Cafe Coco in Nashville on Tuesday, Nov. 24.   To subscribe to the newsletter, just click HERE to fill out the subscription form. Up next, you may have noticed that this blog has a brand new look.  This renovation has taken a good bit of thought and planning.  The next phase is the expansion site which will be the new home of all previous Oreo and Buttercup episodes.  They are going to get their own very roomy online space. I've also been working on a bunch of other things, but I'll save all of that for a later time. Hope all is well in your world! -gordo

Home Grown Talent

On Millennial Marketing

Last night I had the pleasure of attending LinkedOC, a gathering of Orange County business leaders hoping to connect and learn more about best business practices. The event is held monthly and is put on by Bryan Elliott, a business leader himself. Bryan is the CEO of The GoodBrain Digital Studios, a production company that has several shows on including Behind the Brand which is an original web series for entrepreneurs.

Bryan does not have to put on these events. He is already a well known and connected individual throughout the county. So why does he do it? What does he get out of it? Bryan is used to these questions and handles them with grace. These events are held to prove that business in Orange County is alive and well!

Here’s the Line up from last night:

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