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Cosmos - Being International is Hard

On Winter Song

So everybody has now seen the new Cosmos starring Neil deGrasse Tyson and produced by the awesome Ann Druyan right? Huge media frenzy, international launch on Fox and the National Geographic network. Of course in 2014 any new TV show needs a companion app, and Cosmos has got one. However while the rest of the world is useful for paying into the coffers of Fox through the NatGeo licensing deal they're not worthy enough to be allowed access to this extra content. The app is US only, as is the companion website CosmosonTV.

I don't have a problem with the week delay in show times, that's minor for stuff like this, but what is the reasoning behind blocking access to extra content like this? It's not an unusual strategy, so there's got to be some kind of benefit that I'm not seeing.

On Tattoos

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