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The Psychology Of Money

On Econoception

Photo taken from Dan Ariely's Lecture on The Psychology of Money in his course: A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behaviour offered for free on Coursera.

Professor Dan argues that when friends go to restaurants, the best approach to splitting the bill should be taking turns to pay for each other's meals due to the diminishing nature of the pain of paying.

How the Brain works

On Zalman Silber

The brain is one of the most significant parts of the body. It works by transmitting information to other parts of the body. The brain also has the ability to store and recall information when needed. The brain receives information and then sends them to the relevant parts of the body. Parts of the body also send signals to the brain. For example, the brain receives information when we are hot or cold. The brain and the central nervous system have to receive the required amount of oxygen in order to function properly. The brain helps the body to maintain balance and to function properly.

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