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On Tim Ferriss

On The 4 Hour Struggle

About 2 months ago, I attended an entrepreneur's meetup in Medellin. Of the 8 of us that went, I would say that about 4 of us were really throwing down: making 5 figures in profit a month.

Now Tim Ferriss, while not the first person to live the lifestyle, is the first person that brought the idea of a location-independent lifestyle to the masses. 

When I brought his name up, I got a rather negative, unimpressed reaction.

"Oh yeah, that guy. He is a great marketer, but he talks a lot of bullshit."

"Go to body building forums and they rip his 4-Hour Body workout plans to shreds."

120. The Homemakers

On 365days 100words


Using blades of grass, the male weaver strings together a small wreath from a branch. Preferably over a water body to keep predators away. When the half-finished, hanging mound of grass is ready, female weavers inspect the nest. If it isn’t up to their expectations, the male counterparts start over because nobody wants to raise babies in a nest that’s turning brown. Instead of brooding over an ignored nest, the weaver works ferociously towards building a new one. Monsoon is around the corner and more than a thousand strips of grass are transformed into a comfortable work of art, called home.

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