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Ping... Pong

On DROdio

As my co-founder Isaac recently pointed out, "Even Apple has its failures" and one of those is Ping, the music social network Apple is pulling as of September 30th. (If you haven't heard of, or never used, Ping, that's probably part of the reason why).

Apple is a tremendous company that I respect greatly. It's a good lesson that even the most valuable company in the world can't do everything well. There's something magical about maniacal focus.

Hookah Flavor Of the Day 5/10/16!

On Thumpedia

Today is going to be another one I consider a classic.


Preferred brand for this one is still El-Fakher.

There is a lot of things you can mix peach with. I can't help but feel that the flavor sort of disappears sooner than I would like it to. Probably because I am used to double apple.

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