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On Tynan

Hey guys. I'm out of town until Monday. I thought I'd have good internet access, but I don't. I'll be writing up some posts (I have some great ones coming up), and I'll post them all along with some pictures when I get back. Take a couple days to go outside and get away from the computer, but come back on Monday!

Participate 1.1.3 Ideal Digital Learning Community Quest.

On Write Right

The quest for an exemplary digital learning community and the general requirements for participating in such an environment are as follows.

1. Ease of Access. Students today are busier than ever, so they need a DLC that is easy to access anywhere. For this reason, the DLC needs to create an app for all types of media devices so that students can keep it up an running and can move from their phone to their computer or other electronic device.

2. Relevancy. Students will take the time to access a program if it is both beneficial and fast. Often they need a quick way to ask a question or pose a theory, so they want to have a learning community that is accessible 24 hours a day. When I worked on a military post at the high school, they had a program like this that was called The Writing Project. Students in all military post high schools all over the world could join, so someone was awake all the time. Students could post an essay for feedback, ask a question, or comment on another student's post. Since the site provided access to students of all nationalities and a variety of locations, there was great diversity. This type of online learning community helps students because it is a safe environment to pose a question and to collaborate with others.

This type of learning community could benefit all who employed its use. Many school districts already have a type of learning community for their own school, but broadening the audience would prove beneficial to students.

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