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7 for Seven: August 26, 2013

On like an apple

I continue to love this Monday ritual or reviewing the past week's delights, thanks key + arrow for the idea.

So, seven happinesses of the past seven days:

1. Child time. This week for some reason I started rereading a parenting book I have read before, Amy McCready's If I Have to Tell You One More Time. It offers a really practical perspective on changing your parenting to promote a positive family environment and reduce antagonism between kids and parents. The first tool she suggests is giving each kid at least ten minutes of one-on-one time with a parent every day. I have done this in the past to my and my kids' great delight. It's counterintuitive, to me, that shoe-horning another obligation into my day somehow can make the day smoother, but it works. In the end, kids, like other human beings, want more than anything else to feel welcomed and needed (McCready calls these the needs for "belonging" and "significance", per Adler). Sitting down and giving my boys genuine, face-to-face attention and interest is really enjoyable for them and for me.

2. The autumn turn. This week I felt the light and weather shifting onto the autumn track. The gardens and green spaces are starting to get that exploded-but-deflated look that they get as harvest time approaches. Almost too green, too lush, an unsustainable amount of growth and life. Really beautiful. The weather is less predictable. The angle of the sun in the evening makes the light a bit more golden and melancholy. It's wonderful.

3. Nicco Mele retweeted one of my posts! OMG guys, as you may have noticed last week I posted about my experience with thte Chromecast dongle and streaming my kids' favorite YouTube celebrities' Minecraft channels straight to my TV. That in itself was superfun, but even better, I decided to tweet my post @nicco, i.e., to the author of End of Big (about whom I have written a few times--he is, for instance, the inspiration for my poem-memorizing project). Well, he liked it, he really liked it! He even retweeted it. It is really gratifying to get positive feedback from someone whom you admire. Ahhhh.

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